Environmental features

  • Wood fired heating & separate wood burning stove
  • Solar hot water
  • Refurbished using reclaimed materials & environmental paints wherever possible
  • Electricity supplied by Ecotricity on their 100% renewable tariff
  • Walls and ceilings insulated to prevent heat loss (this also has the rather miraculous effect of keeping the cottage extremely cool on hotter days – giving it an air conditioned feel)
  • Each night the cottage is occupied we donate £1 to Suffolk Wildlife Trust
  • Alde Garden has been awarded a Silver by the Suffolk Carbon Charter, and a Creating the Greenest County Award for the Greenest Pub, Club or Hotel.

In the garden you’ll find lots of inspirational ideas we’ve learnt along the way in our journey to be as green as we can. It’s an ongoing process and we are always looking for new ways to cut our carbon footprint – and we love sharing as much knowledge with our guests as we can. We like to think that guests will take home one or two tips to use in their everyday lives, and conversely guests often share their own ideas with us.

Low Carbon Champions

We took part in Suffolk’s Low Carbon Champions – a government sponsored scheme supporting Suffolk’s small businesses in reducing their carbon footprint. The total carbon footprint for Alde Garden, including Badger Cottage, Alde Garden campsite + 2 residential flats has been measured at 19.4 tonnes CO2 a year. We aimed to reduce this by 10% by August 2012 – and instead managed a whopping great 21% instead!

As Low Carbon Champions it is our job to engage staff (or in our case guests – yes, that’s you!) in the simple ways in which we can each help reduce energy wastage. Thank you for all your help and encouragement so far – lets keep up the good work together!

Want to do your bit?

Here’s some ideas of ways you can green up your holiday:

  • leave your car at home, or aim to not use your car while you’re here. There’s lots of other ways to get about & we have plenty of bikes and footpath maps for guests’ use
  • shop in local farm shops while you’re here. Not only will your money stay local (& lots more of it will go to the producer) but also you will reduce the packaging that fills our landfill sites. We have an abundance of farm shops and farmers markets listed in the welcome files in the accommodation, and the Alde Valley is well reknowned for its vast array of fantastic quality food.
  • use wood as a heat fuel. The cottage is heated via an external boiler which is fuelled entirely by wood. In the living room there is a woodburner too – so you can have a real fire whilst on holiday